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I don't care if life is unfair, I care if it's unfair to me

my name's Belladonna (well, not really, but that's what you can call me) and i'm a british teen.

i luv writing and the band my chemical romance.

I dunno what to say. My whole identity in one easy-to-read page? No way. I have no true identity.

And yeah, i do swear a lot when i'm mad. if you don't like it fuck off.

I'm looking for a friend, even if he/she's just an online pen-pal, who I can talk to, who won't judge me, think me a freak, I can say anything.

My friend told me she wanted to kill herself. three days later I gave her the painkillers. she survived. if you don't think that makes me an evil person, talk to me. You're the friend i want.