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I am happy.

 Oh. My. God.


I have just pierced my own ear. With a safety pin. It hurts!

Actually, it doesn't hurt much at all, I just feel like being dramatic. If anyone feels like doing it themselves, I'd advise it. It's easy. All you have to do is get a safety pin, run it through a flame (to kill germs), then shove it through your ear. It's not hard at all! My friend does it all the time. You know Morgana? She has one ear done three times in the lobe and one on top, and the other 2 times in the lobe and one on top. I plan on doing it some more, for sure. It your pain threshold is low, keep a freezing cold tap and a tea spoon handy. If it gets really painful, just run the spoon under the tap and then press it to your ear: it numbs the pain.


Morgana has also tried to pierce her own lip. I wouldn't advise it, it's way painful and the first two times it swelled up and she spoke with a lisp.

I love this! I've already got my ear lobes pierced twice. This is totally wicked! BEYOND FWICKED!

Actually, I have to be honest: I needed to use a spoon to numb the ear right at the end. The skin at the back of ear is the hardest part. Going in is easy; going out is more painful.

I love this!


And, oh yeah, today we had a snow day off school.


I dumped my boyfriend, Daniel. He got on my nerves a bit. Here's how it went:

Daniel: So, what're you doing Saturday.?

Me: Um... hey... David... maybe we should just, like... be friends?

Daniel: You're breaking up with me?

Me: Yes.

Daniel: Why?!

Me: I don't know...

Daniel: So I'm getting dumped for no good reason?!

Me: Uh... yeah.

Hmm... I guess that wasn't nice. Ah well! Poor Danny!


And whilst I remember, look at this LUSCIOUS piccy:

I love it!

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