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Help! I’ve just seen the school I’m moving to. It has 350 pupils! My junior school was around that size, for fuck’s sake, it’s almost scary. God, why the fuck do they expect me to move there? I mean, there were three girls skiving off as I drove past (with my m+d), about my age. I instantly hated them. They were popular, designer label, lip gloss and bronzer type girls, the sort of person I can’t go within 100m of without getting called a freak. I know I shouldn’t judge a school on three pupils, but I am. The uniform is red and black, a slight plus.

I don’t want to leave my old school. My best friend, Africa, needs me. Her dad is horrid. He controls Africa and her little sister like puppets, and I hate him. He beats Africa sometimes. Africa was only just starting to open up to me. She really does need me. So I feel cruel to leave her. Her dad won’t let me see her – he thinks I’m a bad example. He’s got a v. good point, but still.

I hate them. Someone really should kill my Headteacher for what he did to me. And Africa.

I have this paranoid feeling that my dad can read this. I think he’s spying on my computer – which is terrifying. I don’t actively seek to hide my emotions from him, but sometimes that’s what I do. And if he reads this – he still thinks I’m an innocent girl, and that ‘emo’ is a fashion thing. I’m really worried, every time I hear his computer doing anything I imagine him peering at the screen reading this.


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