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I have rather unhappy friends. Seriously. Of my best friends, one is anorexic (although she still thinks she is fat, her periods have now stopped), one was sexually abused by her brother from when she was seven until she was eleven, one is emotionally and physically abused by her dad.

Oh, for god's sake. Am I a magnet for troubled people? My old best friend was the most paranoid person you will ever meet, and she was constantly sure her dad would die if she didn't make sure he was safe. Yes. I am a magnet for troubled people. I'd say I made them throubled if it wasn't for the fact that some of these things have been going on since before I knew them.

Also, have you ever noticed how easy it is to turn someone into an emo? I was an almost normal person, until my friend introduced me to the 'coolness' of cutting (her words, not mine. She was the world's most irritating poser and used to make fun of me for not doing it as deep as her). I know a girl who was all sunshine and rainbows until she met Morgana. My best friend since birth has been a self-proclaimed chav since she knew what a chav was, but recently she has been self-harming. Another of my friends, Vicky, used to be li'l miss sporty-chav, but I introduced her to the wonders of emo fashion and music. Now she self-harms. I think emo may be contagious, and I would advise you to stay away from it. It's not fun, honest. I wish I was a chav; as much as I despise most of them, I must admit they all look a hell of a lot happier than me.

Also, my ear hurts, but it was worth it.

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